Priscilla Presley Settles Lisa Marie Presley's Estate.

In her appeal, Priscilla Presley contested the legality of a 2016 change that made Riley Keough.

Lisa Marie Presley's daughter, the new co-trustee of the estate in her stead.An estate dispute.  

Involving Lisa Marie Presley's will has been resolved, her mother Priscilla Presley's. 

Representative told The Hollywood Reporter. The agreement's terms, which must be approved by the court, were not made public.

The agreement ends Priscilla Presley's legal dispute with a 2016 amendment that replaced her and former. 

Business manager Barry Siegel as co-trustees of the estate with Lisa Marie Presley's.  

Daughter Riley Keough and deceased son Benjamin Keough. Priscilla Presley had petitioned the. 

Los Angeles Superior Court in January, questioning the "authenticity and validity" of the amendment.