Predator Will Resolve the Franchise's Oldest Mystery

One important question—a mystery that is about to be solved—has gone unanswered in every Predator mythos installment.

There has been a mystery surrounding the Yautja species that has plagued Predator fans since the beginning of the franchise. 

But the mystery in question is about to be answered right now.

The first Yautja was depicted in the 1987 film Predator as a massive alien creature that descended to Earth to hunt the most lethal prey: humans.

The subsequent movies maintained the same general format.

The Predator (or Predators) would arrive on Earth, kill a few people, and then perish. 

The only movie that deviated from this pattern was Predators from 2010, but only in terms of setting; the main plot remained essentially unchanged.

On an alien hunting reserve used by the Predators, that movie was set. 

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