Popular injectable weight loss medicines have real-life negative effects. 

Some users of injectable weight-loss treatments like Ozempic, Mounjaro, 

and Wegovy are speaking out about the reality of the pills' alleged negative effects as their popularity among consumers grows.

Lee Thomas, a resident of Washington state, reported that after using Ozempic for almost seven weeks,  

which belongs to the GLP-1 RA medication class that aids in the production of insulin and lowers blood sugar levels, 

he has dropped 12 pounds. The medications cause weight reduction by slowing down food absorption in the stomach and reducing appetite.

Thomas told ABC News that while taking the drug, he initially had nausea and digestive problems ...

...but that drinking lots of water and eating a lot of protein helped to reduce the symptoms.

With the things I've been doing, it's been quite mild, Thomas said of the adverse effects he's encountered. 

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