Pitt Aced Bruce Willis Scene With $168M to Make Brad Pitt Nervous and Frantic 

Brad Pitt gave one of his best performances in 12 Monkeys, which also helped him get his first Oscar nod. 

One of the best time travel films ever produced is the dystopian sci-fi film from 1995,  

directed by Terry Gilliam, with a dismal future setting. One of the key attractions was Pitt's well-received portrayal as Jeffrey Goines in the movie.

It was interestingly discovered afterwards that the actor from Fight Club's performance incorporated a lot of realism. 

According to rumors, Terry Gilliam purposefully denied Brad Pitt access to cigarettes, 

which allowed him to pull off one of 12 Monkeys' most famous scenes. 

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are featured in the 1995 Terry Gilliam blockbuster, 

including Bruce Willis, Christopher Plummer, and Brad Pitt. 

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