Overcoming 0-3 series deficit is hardest in sports.

Nearly a year had passed since Holzman led the Knicks to their first championship in 1970.

He was speaking with a Rochester, New York, reporter who was working on a story about the 20th anniversary .

Of the Rochester Royals' lone NBA championship, which they actually only managed to win.

Hhile traveling constantly between Rochester, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Omaha, and Sacramento . 

He was referring to the Knicks, the Royals' opponent in those 1951 Finals, who had finished the regular season .

With a mediocre record of 36-30 but had defeated Syracuse and Boston to earn their first-ever berth in the NBA Finals.

They then promptly lost the first three games of the series to Rochester by an average score of 16 points. 

The Knicks overcame a fourth-quarter deficit at Madison Square Garden, but Holzman, a point guard for the Royals from 1945 to 1953, recalled,.

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