On Yellowstone, does Luke Grimes sing?

Luke Grimes keeps his singing abilities hidden from Yellowstone.

When asked whether his character Kacey would ever sing on the Paramount Plus program, Grimes told ET, "I think [my Yellowstone character] Kayce starting singing would be weird." But you'll soon see Luke singing here."

Fans would have heard his voice even if his character did not sing on the program. His first song was heard at a stressful sequence in Yellowstone season 5's midseason finale.

"Thank you for tuning in, and thanks to @yellowstone for including my song in last night's show." "Means everything," the actor tweeted on January 2 in reference to his new track.

Grimes claimed that his father raised him on classical music. "I despise the term, but the only'secular' music I was allowed to listen to as a kid was Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash," he said.

"That's what my father grew up with in the Appalachian Mountains." When he wasn't having to be a preacher, he was performing folk and country-rock."

He has been affected by his new lifestyle since relocating to Montana to shoot the program. "This is just how my life is at the moment." "I'm driving a diesel truck on an empty highway," he told Rolling Stone.

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