On Saturday night, Auburn beat #1 LSU.

The bats of Auburn outperformed expectations to defeat No. 1 LSU at Plainsman Park.In the second game of the "Tiger Bowl of Baseball" on Saturday night,  

Auburn defeated LSU 8-6. What you need to know about the competition is provided here. 

The game's two biggest innings, a four-run sixth and a three-run fourth for Auburn, respectively. They both arrived thanks to free baserunners. 

In the fourth inning, Auburn drew five walks while recording just one hit (a single by Bobby Peirce) and three runs. 

The majority of Auburn hitters walked up and let LSU starter Ty Floyd walk them in because he was having difficulties throwing strikes. 

Auburn's approaches were nearly flawless. Before LSU's new pitcher was able to induce a strikeout from Chris Stanfield, 

four of the next five players drew walks after Ike Irish walked to start the game and Peirce singled. 

Butch Thompson praised the players' "amazing spirit of competition" after the match. "I felt there was a real competition,"