Ohio State Defensive Lineman Joins Rams

Following their 2021 Super Bowl victory, the Los Angeles Rams entered the 2022 season hoping to repeat their feat.

However, they were struck by a number of important injuries and underperformed overall, 

leading to a 5-12 record and the unique distinction of being the only defending champions to miss the playoffs.

The Rams will need to adjust their goals for the upcoming season after losing top cornerback Jalen Ramsey and linebacker Bobby Wagner this offseason.

The decision to sign Taron Vincent, a defensive lineman from the Ohio State Buckeyes, was made on Monday.

Vincent's father, NFL executive Troy Vincent, had a successful 15-year career as a defensive back, primarily at the corner position.

The senior Vincent played for the Philadelphia Eagles for the most of his career,  

where he was selected for five consecutive Pro Bowls and one All-Pro first team.

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