Nicole Kidman's Met Gala Skin Inspired This Fast-Selling Facelift in a Bottle. 

While some celebrities are reluctant to divulge their red carpet preparation strategies to audiences, 

others are more open to sharing how they got ready for significant,  

glamorous, widely attended events like the 2023 Met Gala. Nicole Kidman, 

who never fails to establish a beauty trend, didn't gatekeep the items that gave her radiant skin; 

one of them is the recently released Seratopical Revolution DNA Complex that you'll want to add to your collection as soon as possible.

Kidman's complexion is consistently flawless, and a lot of that can be attributed to good  ,

genes and a decent skincare regimen with an excellent product selection,  

the latter of which is jam-packed with SeraLab's goods. In fact, Kidman has been a strategic partner and brand ambassador since 2020. 

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