NFL: 5 second-year players set to break out in 2023

When players enter their second year in the NFL, 

it is one of the most satisfying aspects of a new season to watch them build on the foundation they laid in their first year.  

A large number of excellent players entered the league as a result of the 2022 NFL Draft,  

and many of these players are now getting set to enter their second season with either something to prove or a strong foundation on which to improve.

There are a few clubs that will be affected by the progression of the 2022 class,  

but here are five that have the potential to make a significant leap forward in terms of their standing in the NFL with a successful 2023 campaign. 

The beginning of his career was difficult for Hamilton, much like it is for most rookies. 

There were coverage breakdowns, missed plays, and lapses in concentration that maybe ought to have been expected from a young guy making his debut in the NFL for the first time.  

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