"Never Meant To Be A Franchise": The Continental's John Wick Spinoff Problems 

The Continental, the spinoff of John Wick, has presented its producers with a number of significant difficulties. 

Winston Scott, who plays Winston Scott in the three-episode miniseries The Continental, 

builds the Continental Hotel network into a refuge for assassins. It will incorporate both the epic thriller aspects that ...

...have made John Wick such a well-known franchise and real-world occurrences.

It hasn't always been simple to put together The Continental, director Albert Hughes said in a Deadline interview. 

The Continental has been difficult since John Wick was never intended to be a series of films with spinoffs and a shared universe like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

After all, it must establish the history of John Wick's world while also making ...

...sure that nothing it establishes is contradicted. See what he said below:

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