Netflix's The Mother Review: Jennifer Lopez's New Action Film Needs Flowers and Bullets 

In the contemporary movie industry, it appears like anyone can become an action hero.  

With the proper training, actors with strong acting chops can combine those talents with exciting stunt work to produce unexpected hits. 

Although she's no stranger to busting asses on the big screen, 

Jennifer Lopez's most recent phase of her career seems to have reached a turning point with the release of The Mother, directed by Niki Caro. 

The film strengthens Lopez's background in stunt work, solidifies her credentials as an action star,  

and puts a lot of physical strain on her. However, while having all the necessary elements of an exciting, 

action-packed blockbuster, this movie never gels as a whole, giving the impression that it is nothing but gunfire and no flowers.

The Mother begins with a terrifying scene that will startle almost everyone who sees it. Jennifer Lopez, 

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