NBA YoungBoy Connection Continues with Ja Morant 

Ja Morant, a star with the Memphis Grizzlies, is a huge fan of NBA YoungBoy.  

Morant frequently shouts, "It's a parade inside my city, yeah! 

!" in reference to the YoungBoy song "Fresh Prince of Utah." The movement has gained traction among Grizzlies players, 

announcers, and supporters as the song's lyrics have taken on a life of their own.

In a recent video, Morant could be seen singing YoungBoy songs in the club while  ...

...taking advantage of the venue's live performances by one of his favorite musicians: 

Earlier this season, YoungBoy's label gave Morant a shout-out on Instagram,  

thanking the Grizzlies star for all of the support. 

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