MVP Leads Team Improvement 

The Bears are benefiting from the publicity generated by GM Ryan Poles' active offseason. 

Their reputation ranges from being vastly improved to having a quarterback who ought to be considered for the MVP. 

The Bears are ranked as the second-most improved club in the NFL by, 

he same website that previously suggested trading Justin Fields. Even more unexpectedly,  

this idea is said to have been created by former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings. 

Prior to the draft, "the Chicago Bears made a crucial choice, choosing to build the team around QB Justin Fields," says Jennings. 

It was clear right away that the Bears were Fields' club when they gave away the right to own the No. 1 pick. 

The Bears are not in good company according to Pro Football Focus; in fact, they are ranked last out of the four NFC North clubs.

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