Money or Myth? Surprising Starting Pitchers and Their Rest-Of-Season Fantasy Outlook

You'll undoubtedly find some odd names among the most valuable starting pitchers on any website's player raters. You could act like. 

Mitch Keller, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Tyler Wells in the Top 10 and 15 are no big thing. This may surprise most non-family members.  

The Tigers, Orioles, and Pirates all have top fantasy pitchers, which might be disturbing.

If so, you'd better drink some Pepto since these three have put up the best numbers during the first third of the season, and those.  

Stats are banked whether they change back into pumpkins or not. How we address things moving forward is what matters. Do we ride.  

The snake and keep rolling them out or sell them to take your numbers and flee while the getting is good?

Let's assess these three surprising starters' potential value. We'll examine what's different.

What's the same, their current roto value, and the likelihood of categorical contributions continuing.

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