Massachusetts man spends $21K on Taylor Swift tickets for daughter, friends.

According to a story, a dad from Massachusetts claimed this week that he was forced to pay $21,000 for four tickets to a Taylor Swift.  

Concert since the ones he ordered for his daughter as a Christmas present from StubHub last year never arrived. 

Anthony Silva told WCVB-TV that he paid roughly $1,800 for the four tickets in November on the ticket exchange site StubHub, but.  

That they were never delivered and that the company had informed him that there were no alternative seats available. 

That's just not right," Silva told the station, adding that he chose to spend $21,000 on another reseller site for the "Look What You.  

Made Me Do" singer's Saturday event at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, which his daughter and her friends.  

Were very excited to attend.  Even though StubHub intends to reimburse him for his initial purchase, he believes ticket resellers shouldn't hold off sending. 

Out their tickets "until the day before."  StubHub has been contacted by Fox News Digital for comment.