Marvel's $3.1 Billion Franchise Spinoff Series in Trouble as HBO Boss Says They'd "Rather find something original" 

HBO has unquestionably been the indisputable home of numerous renowned TV series with its smash-hit classic shows. 

With numerous billion-dollar shows and franchises, 

HBO built its name throughout the years, setting the studio unique in terms of setting and grandeur. 

The studio, however, recently saw the topic of what comes next after the conclusion of Kit Harrington's popular series Game of Thrones. 

The studio already piled itself with Game Of Thrones reboots and spinoffs ,

in an effort to preserve the legacy of the $3.1B television series. 

With the House of the Dragons, HBO aimed to offer top competitors for drama shows. 

Francesca Orsi, the head of HBO Drama, recently spoke about the show's updates and confirmed that original tales would take precedence over reboots. 

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