Mark Consuelos cruelly mocks wife Kelly Ripa over her look transformation, but she claps back. 

During Monday's Live! program, the husband and wife team's interactions became tense. 

In the opening segment, Kelly and Mark, her 52-year-old co-host and spouse, started talking about premature aging. 

She stated that recent research had demonstrated that gray hair could be turned back. 

The former All My Children star acknowledged her premature hair graying before delving into the research. 

According to Kelly, the research she discovered explains how to reverse genuine gray hair growth.  

"They [researchers in the study] were talking about earlier studies being able to stop the spread of gray hair in its tracks, but this is reversing actual gray hair," she added.

"About which I am very excited.Before Kelly could continue her thought, 

Mark intervened, saying that she had already discovered a solution to the problem of her gray hair.