Lisa Rinna dreamed her mother told her to leave "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." 

Lisa Rinna's resignation from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" may have been a result of supernatural intervention.

In an interview with ES Magazine that was published on Thursday, 

the actress and former reality television star talked openly about her choice to end the Bravo series after eight seasons.

Who wants to quit their job? Rinna spoke to the British publication. 

But I believe we all understood when it was time. For eight years, 

that kind of program... Apart from creating more memes, what else could I have done? 

But in all seriousness, Rinna claimed that some unexpected motherly advice she received after having a dream about her late mother Lois Rinna, 

who passed away in November 2021, served as inspiration for her "RHOBH" farewell.

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