Lisa Responds to Sandoval Saying He Didn’t Want Her in Schwartz & Sandy’s 

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz frequently sought Lisa Vanderpump's counsel ... they worked to launch Schwartz & Sandy's with their partner Greg. 

But Sandoval clarified in Season 10 Episode 10 that was the extent of the restaurateur's engagement they sought in their new business.  

In an episode interview, Sandoval—who owns 5% of Lisa and Ken Todd's bar and eatery Tom Tom—explained that "one of the things Schwartz ...

...and I were really looking forward to with opening up Schwartz & Sandy's was being able to make ,

our own decisions without being under Lisa Vanderpump."  

Lisa said that phrase didn't sit well with her during the first segment of the Season 10 reunion of the show. 

"I didn't like it when Tom said, 'Oh, you know, I don't need Lisa Vanderpump,'" 

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