Land Man, a New Show by Taylor Sheridan 

Although Yellowstone, the program that launched Taylor Sheridan's empire, 

will be ending this year, the prolific creator isn't taking a break. 

Sheridan's universe continues to develop in addition to his ever-expanding slate of Yellowstone spinoffs to include other shows like Tulsa King, 

Lioness, and now his newest podcast-inspired show, Land Man.The Boomtown television series,

which is based on the Boomtown podcast, is "a contemporary tale of fortune hunting in ...

...the world of oil rigs and is set in the metaphorical boomtowns of West Texas. 

The show is an upstairs/downstairs tale of outlaw billionaires and roughnecks .

who are creating a boom that is so large that it is altering our geopolitics, economy, and climate. 

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