Lana Del Rey Requested Audience Help Finding Her Vape: Watch

Lana Del Rey played Brazil without beach snow. A vape was missing, though.

Saturday's MITA Festival in Rio de Janeiro was Lana's first live performance in over three years.

“And also if you see my vape on stage, can you find my vape on stage?” the alternative pop artist said as her band started playing “Norman F—ing Rockwell.”

Del Rey frequently loses her vape. Page Six reported that she lost her nicotine buddy at a 2019 Portland concert. 

Del Rey paused proceedings to begin the search, similar to Rio.

“Where’s my f—ing vape?” Del Rey swore before giving up and continuing her set.

Del Rey has much to celebrate despite her forgetfulness.

“Say Yes To Heaven,” her 2012 late release, debuted in the U.K. top 10, and a new edit of “Snow On The Beach,” her collaboration.

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