Lakers: LA Enjoying Huge Series Edge Over Warriors In This Category 

The NBA champions are currently down 2-1 in your Los Angeles Lakers' second-round playoff series, which is a best-of-seven matchup.

Los Angeles is now crushing Golden State in one critical area: the free throw line, according to Law Murray of The Athletic.

The Lakers benefited greatly from those advantages in their two series victories. In the two games the team has won, LA has outscored the Dubs 53-17. 

In the only game Golden State has won during the series, a Warriors rout of the Lakers in Game 2, 

both the Warriors and Lakers each made 10 free throws. Murray made a fascinating note regarding the differential in free throws,

which, in addition to the traditional pro-LA bias, is also a result of the two teams' radically different shot repertoires. 

The Warriors, of course, are the NBA club with the biggest volume of three-pointers made and the lowest scoring foul shots, 

whereas the Lakers are the team with the highest volume of free throws made and less attempts at long-range shooting.