Lainey Wilson Was Comfortable in Nashville at Nine Years Old. 

Lainey Wilson first experienced Nashville, Tennessee's enchantment when she was nine years old.  

She wrote her first song in the same year and realized right away that music was her calling.  

During an interview with Fancy Hagood on Trailblazers Radio on Apple Music Country, 

Wilson reflected on this momentous occasion and the beginning of her career. 

"I remember exactly where I was on the interstate when I told my mama and daddy, I said, 'This is home,'" Wilson said. 

My father took some lessons, taught me a few chords, and I began playing the guitar at the age of 11. 

And then it really sort of turned into one of those things that just kind of grabbed a hold of me even as a child and wouldn't let go," she told the site. 

"I participated in extracurricular activities like the other kids did, and I played basketball and cheered.  

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