King Charles' Coronation Concert with Lionel, Katy, and More

3:16 PM PT -- Charles' coronation weekend has come to an end. It was rounded off with a large concert that ended explosively,  

all owing to the big-name acts that sang their hearts out.

Lionel and Katy performed flawlessly, as was to be expected, but the other performers on the program,  

such as Nicole, Steve, and Take That, also excelled. See for yourself: everyone in the audience, 

including the Royal Family, was bopping along to almost every song.

Speaking of speeches, Prince William once gave one that was a moving ode to his father. 

Of course, there was no Harry, but overall, it was pretty fantastic. Good work!

King Charles' coronation may be over, but the celebration is just getting begun thanks to a huge concert featuring Lionel Richie and Katy Perry!

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