Kevin Durant's life-changing year and relationship 

In a dorm room at VCU in June 2005, Taishi Ito, all 6-foot-9 and 180 pounds, 

is splayed out on the top bunk. He almost can't believe it's actually him. 

Ito, who will be sharing a room with him for the week, takes a moment to ...

...observe how Durant's arms and legs extend over the bed's sides and ends. 

Ito believes that Durant is too big to fit in the top bunk of a college dormitory bed.

They are both in town for a basketball camp with the top 100 players. 

Ito is definitely closer to position 100 on that list of 100 than Durant is. Ito is aware of it. 

He struggled mightily with impostor syndrome on the way to VCU the week before camp. 

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