Kevin Costner Will Leave 'Yellowstone' For Western Epic

IF YOU'RE going to leave the most watched cable television program the same year that you win a Golden Globe for the exact same part,  

why? You'd better have a valid excuse. It's an epic western movie called Horizon ...

...that Kevin Costner is hoping will be as successful as his other big western franchise, Yellowstone. 

Where did Costner come from? For starters, Costner and Yellowstone creator Taylor  ...

...Sheridan are said to have been engaged in a constant power struggle behind the scenes.  

Additionally, Sheridan claims that Costner gave him just a week of his time to conclude Season Five's filming. 

The actor was dividing his work responsibilities between Horizon and Yellowstone, which might have had an impact on his personal life. 

Christine Baumgartner, his wife, requested him for a divorce after she grew "unhappy" with his work schedule, 

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