Kevin Costner Wants to Approve 'Yellowstone' Write-Off 

According to reports, Kevin Costner won't agree to come back and shoot Yellowstone's ...

...last season until he is satisfied with the way his character will be eliminated.

According to Puck News, in what it called a "amusing wrinkle," the 68-year-old actor wants to feel "comfortable with how his John Dutton ...

...character is written out of the franchise" and that he "wants to prevent what Shonda Rhimes did to Patrick Dempsey, 

killing off the race car-driving Grey's Anatomy star in an F-you car accident.

Therefore, [Yellowstone creator Taylor] Sheridan might not be able to kick his Western-loving leading guy out.

Additionally, it's been said that Costner's relationship with Yellowstone producers and network executives has gotten worse, 

according to Puck News, which cites the way Paramount handled last week's announcement that the series would end after season 5 as evidence.

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