Kevin Costner Teases New Western 'Horizon' After Christine Baumgartner Divorce 

Cowboys are not weepy! In the midst of his divorce with Christine Baumgartner and the controversy surrounding Yellowstone's conclusion, 

Kevin Costner is fully committed to his new western film, Horizon. 

'Horizon', a new Western film by Kevin Costner, is being teased 'Yellowstone' Ending, 

Christine Baumgartner Divorce Undergoing Costner, 68, shared a photo of his director's chair on set with the caption, 

"We're deep into the production of #HorizonFilm," via Instagram on May 17. 

And I have to admit that since we were filming Dances With Wolves, I haven't felt this strongly about a movie.Speculating, 

the Oscar winner said, "Can't wait to share it with all of you."

After taking the helm for Open Range in 2003, Costner's first directing role in 20 years is Horizon. 

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