Kevin Costner Demands 'Yellowstone' Return 

There is a stigma associated with Kevin Costner. most recent? According to Puck News, 

the 68-year-old Yellowstone actor won't come to work unless he approves the way his character, 

John Dutton, is written off the program. He seems to want to stop the show's creator Taylor Sheridan from pulling a Shonda Rhimes and putting the kibosh on him. 

So Sheridan might not be able to get rid of his Western-loving leading man by having a horse kick him, according to Puck.

Given that Sheridan is a major television writer, it seems unlikely that Costner would have any influence over his work, 

but if we were to give the actor any unsolicited counsel, we'd say that a tragic ending isn't always terrible for a character. 

For instance, everyone recalls how McDreamy was fired from Grey's Anatomy, 

but nobody can tell you what happened to Cristina Yang.

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