Juliette Lewis of "Yellowjackets" on maintaining "a certain kind of fire"

There is no way to foresee what will happen during an interview with Juliette Lewis while she is driving a Dodge Challenger muscle. 

Car ("It comes from the midlife thing of enjoying the fruits of your labor"). She said, "I'm not going to dump all my problems.

Like driving through the rain coming from the mountains and in-between projects. "No. Actually, I'm.  

Flattered that you chose to profile me. That's awesome!" Lewis's Hollywood career over the years, in which she ha.

Portrayed characters who are frightening ("Cape Fear"), menacing.  

Themselves ("Natural Born Killers"), and just about everyone in between.

May be best summarized in two words: cool and unpredictable. It's incredibly intriguing that the few films I made.  

When I first started still have a strong emotional impact and are being watched by younger generations, she remarked.