Jokic Addresses Suns Owner Sideline Dispute

Following a contentious incident with Suns owner Matt Ishbia on the sidelines of Game 4, 

Nuggets center Nikola Jokic was assessed a technical foul.  Jokic discussed the incident with Ishbia with media after the game,

briefly outlining his talk with the referees and referred to Phoenix's owner as a "fan."

He said I elbowed the fan, but I believe the fan touched me first. Jokic was quoted as saying, 

"I thought the league is supposed to protect us, or whatever," by Brandon Krisztal of KOA Colorado. 

Jokic acknowledged that "the fan" was the Suns owner when asked if he recognized him, although at the time, in his opinion, Ishbia was just a fan.  

"But his hands are on me, so how can they possibly shield me? Jokic questioned,  

"They're going to defend the fan." He has an impact on the game. I believe he should be expelled if he is interfering with the game.