Jennifer Lopez—Jason Statham 2.0? 'I'm getting possibilities I wasn’t offered in my 20s and 30s,' says 53-year-old actress. 

A few action movies starring Jennifer Lopez have been released in the past,  

most notably the critically praised 1998 neo-noir romantic thriller Out of Sight and the 2002 domestic abuse retribution thriller Enough.

However, the well-known multi-hyphenate is currently writing more action-oriented works than Jason Statham.

Lopez amassed a death toll in the action comedy Shotgun Wedding on Prime Video in January. 

The dystopian sci-fi adventure Atlas, which she recently concluded, is anticipated to be released in 2024. 

She also makes her Netflix debut this weekend in The Mother, a revenge thriller directed by Niki Caro in which she stars as a renegade ...

...military-trained assassin who emerges from hiding to save Lucy Paez, the daughter she was forced to give up, from two ruthless criminal lords.

I believe the main reason is that I'm now being given opportunity to play roles that I wasn't even considered for when I was in my 20s and 30s. 

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