Jelly Roll Surprises Lainey Wilson at 2023 ACM Awards 

On Thursday, when Jelly Roll took the stage at the 58th ACM Awards, Lainey Wilson surprised everyone by joining her!

The genre-defying performer took the stage to deliver a stunning and intense rendition of his song "Save Me," which made excellent use of his raw and strong vocals.

Wilson, who had just won Female Artist of the Year, appeared as he was singing, donning a brand-new blue-and-while ensemble, 

and they performed the mournful song in a magnificent duet.

One of the musical high points of the show was their performance, which served as the ideal prelude to Wilson's solo appearance at the ACM Awards, 

during which she amplified the excitement by singing her song, "Grease."

On the red carpet prior to the show, Jelly Roll spoke up to ET's Rachel Smith about his intentions for his significant performance. 

He said, without expressing surprise, "I feel like I'm gonna take the world to a really intimate meeting.

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