Jayson Tatum gives child cancer survivor Game 7 ball.

If you saw a person who appeared to be very short holding the game ball in images taken inside the locker room of the Boston 

Celtics following their victory in Game 7 of their NBA Finals series against the Philadelphia 76ers, 

your eyes are not deceiving you. According to current reporting by Mary Saladna of WCVB, 

the victim was Xavier Goncalves of Raynham, Massachusetts. Goncalves is 10 years old and is a cancer survivor. Jayson Tatum, a star forward, is friends with Goncalves.

Goncalves, speaking after Boston's triumph that clinched the series for the Red Sox, 

remarked that "it was really cool and it was really surprising that he was willing to trust me with the ball, 

and just trust me in general to handle this with care," after the game.

Tatum's mother, Samantha Bowditch, praised him by saying, "He's just genuinely kind and a nice person. 

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