Jane Fonda: Robert Redford Has 'Issue With Women' and Doesn't Like Kissing

Redford has appeared with Fonda in four movies, but she claimed that he can be challenging to work with.

Despite appearing in four films together, Redford couldn't stand love scenes, according to the "Grace and Frankie" star, who was speaking on a panel at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday.

According to Deadline, Fonda admitted that he disliked kissing.

The actor and activist recalled Redford being irritable while they were filming, but claimed she never questioned him about it.

"I never said anything," she admitted. And I always believed it was my fault because he was always upset.

He's a really good guy, said Fonda. He simply has a problem with women. Fonda made no additional comments.

By the time she and Redford collaborated on 2017's "Our Souls at Night," the famous person claimed she had learned not to take things personally.

Six years ago, I made my last film with him, according to Fonda. "I must have been close to 80 years old or so.

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