Insider Says Yellowstone Divorce Rumors Are True.

As hard as it's been for Yellowstone to worry if and when the program would return to finish its fifth season, it's been far more.  

stressful for everyone involved. After months of rumors about star Kevin Costner's alleged scheduling demands, his wife Christine. 

Baumgarten filed for divorce, followed by the official confirmation that the remaining episodes will film and air later this year, ending.  

Yellowstone and paving the way for a new sequel spinoff. An individual close to the former marriage says Costner shouldn't.  

Have been "blindsided" by the divorce announcement. A previous rumor said that Christine Baumgartner gave Costner the. 

Ultimatum to leave Yellowstone and its extended filming schedule. OK Magazine reported that the.  

John Dutton actress made demands on the western drama's creators.

Only to ruin that goodwill with other Hollywood endeavors. The outlet’s source said.