Iceman's Top Gun: Maverick Death Previewed Top Gun 3. 

Even though Iceman's passing in Top Gun: Maverick was heartbreaking,  

the event may have actually foreshadowed the best plot for Top Gun 3. 

It will be difficult for Top Gun 3 to surpass its predecessor in the franchise. The anticipation for Top Gun: 

Maverick was unreasonably high after a 34-year production period and an extra two years of release date delays. 

It appeared as though no film could live up to the anticipation that the sequel had generated over time, 

which made Top Gun: Maverick's release all the more unexpected in terms of both critical and financial success.

Maverick from Top Gun was a huge hit with both audiences and critics. 

Even the most hopeful predictions were defied by the long-awaited sequel, with critics generally agreeing that Top Gun: 

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