'I think I'm getting settled in': Sean Payton on Broncos start.

Sean Payton was questioned regarding his comfort level as head coach of the Denver Broncos 

after the Denver Broncos held a rookie minicamp practice session on the previous Saturday.

"That's the way I see it," Payton responded. "The trouble with our league is that it's so seasonal, and we get so caught up in our daily routine. 

When the season is over, you immediately enter the free agency period. 

The next step after free agency is the scrimmage, which is followed by the draft.  

It seems like only yesterday that we were finishing off the draft.  

There were obviously a lot of meetings, and there was also a lot of film.

"You get into different phases of the season, and at this point we're into what would be equivalent to spring training if the sport was baseball. 

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