How the Tom Brady Raiders News Affects His Fox Broadcasting Job

On Friday morning, Adam Schefter and Seth Wickersham of ESPN reported that Raiders owner  

Mark Davis and Tom Brady are having extensive negotiations over Brady's potential acquisition of a minority ownership in the organization.

When Brady signed a 10-year agreement with Fox to become the network's primary color analyst prior to the beginning of the previous football season, 

he had already made his intentions regarding his post-football career clear to the public. 

In what ways, if any, might Tom Brady's possible ownership stake in the Raiders affect the terms of his broadcast contract?  

According to Wickersham, it wouldn't be possible.

According to Wickersham's reporting, Fox has apparently "blessed" the agreement. In addition,  

the policy of the league regarding the ownership of a team and employment in the media does not come into effect until the owner of the team is in a position of power within a media organization. 

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