How Lenny Kravitz, 58, Stays Active on a Vegan Diet 

Lenny Kravitz, a legendary musician, was observed working out at a NYC Equinox while wearing boots, sunglasses, and a tracksuit. 

Is his vegan diet the key to his success in the gym?How does Lenny Kravitz, 

a great musician, maintain his impeccable health? a diet high in entire, mostly raw plant foods combined with exercise. 

Kravitz, 58, was observed working out at an Equinox gym in New York City earlier this month while wearing boots, sunglasses, and a tracksuit.  

A source informed Page Six that "he was really exercising and strength training.

"He was very outgoing and engaged in conversation with everyone who approached him. Although he declined to be photographed, 

he was really pleasant and friendly. According to rumors, Kravitz worked out in his boots before changing into shoes. 

While it's crucial to exercise in whatever is most comfortable for you,