Here's how I manage to act my biological age of 23, which is 39,

Chris Mirabile, the founder and CEO of a consumer longevity biotech company called NOVOS.

Claimed that he’s a 39-year-old with a biological age of around 23, and he’s now sharing his tips with the world.

While biological age tests can be controversial, one expert says they are an astute indication of the amount of “damage” that.

Has gone on inside of your body. The test aims to measure the rate at which your body is aging.

Mirabile, who survived a brain tumor when he was younger, has some aging hacks won’t cost much money.

And are simple to implement in your own routine. While appearing on the John Barrows’ “Make It Happen” podcast in August.

2022, Mirabile offered up one of his most powerful tips to the audience – and it’s simpler than you may expect. “150 minutes per week of.

Moderate physical activity is enough to extend your health span and lifespan by a significant margin,” he claimed while on the podcast.