Hassie Harrison's Rare Red Carpet Appearance in Leather and Gingham Turns Heads 

Although the 33-year-old actress is taking a break from Yellowstone,  

she has been very active grabbing attention. She revealed her off-screen romance with co-star Ryan Bingham after the show's January vacation, 

and they later celebrated at Stagecoach wearing a stunning heart-themed costume. 

She is now promoting her most recent film, Quasi, on the red carpet. And her most recent appearance may be our favorite yet! 

Laramie, a barrel racer on Yellowstone, is portrayed by Hassie. 

On the TruTV comedy Tacoma FD, she also plays Lucy. 

Fans anticipate seeing the new episodes soon (they'll supposedly premiere later this year) as Hassie had stated in September that filming on ,

the show's fourth season was finished. The Broken Lizard comedy collective—the minds behind Super Troopers—created both Quasi and Tacoma FD,  

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