Halle Bailey's "The Little Mermaid" Has Memorial Weekend's 5th Largest Opening.

White Line
White Line

Despite the fact that she is now winning praise for her portrayal of Ariel, .

Which co-star Daveed Diggs called "transcendent" in a recent ESSENCE interview, Bailey was the target of a barrage.

Of sexist remarks and bigoted remarks when she was revealed to be the live-action version of the formerly white animated character.

However, as Bailey exclusively revealed to ESSENCE, she instead chose to concentrate on the positive responses her casting received, .

Particularly from some of her youngest fans who will grow up with a Black girl with long, flowing locs as one of their first princesses.

Being able to represent this younger generation in this popular movie that we've all known and loved for a very long time feels absolutely incredible, Bailey told ESSENCE. 

Since I was five years old, Ariel has meant the world to me.

Being able to imagine her with skin the color of mine is so lovely, and I'm just thankful to be in this situation.

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