Halle Bailey and The Little Mermaid Director Explain Underwater Filming Challenge

White Line
White Line

Disney's The Little Mermaid has become yet another blockbuster, but the fact that so much of the film takes place in or under the sea posed a number of difficulties for the cast and director Rob Marshall. 

For decades, people have been depicted underwater in films, with varying degrees of realism and success.

While more recently Kate Winslet was seen breaking the record for the longest an actor has held their breath underwater while filming Avatar:

The Way of Water, James Cameron reportedly put his actors in some risky situations to get the shots he needed for Titanic.

Regarding The Little Mermaid, there was a wide range of both real shots that were captured in a sizable water tank and many shots that were digitally created using blue screens.

Physically and otherwise, the difficulties of being "underwater" are still overwhelming for those involved.

Halle Bailey, the film's star, and director Marshall discussed some of the biggest difficulties they encountered while filming the intricate underwater sequences in a feature article for Deadline. Added Marshall:

"Underwater was so complicated, but our intention was never to let you see the equipment that was powering it all because there would occasionally be...

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