Grimes Calls AI-Cloned Song "Masterpiece" 

Claire "Grimes" Boucher, an experimental artist and futurist, stated last month that she  ...

...was open to having her voice artificially cloned as long as the creators were prepared to "split 50 percent royalties."

She even developed a whole AI generator platform called Elf. 

Tech with the express purpose of duplicating her voice, putting her money where her mouth was.

The first officially published and acknowledged song to use Grimes' cloned vocals is "Cold Touch, 

which was just released by LA-based producer and artist Kito.

Grimes praised the tune as a "masterpiece" and a "amazing song," demonstrating the song's impact.  

Other songs with which Grimes herself collaborated will come after Kito's rendition, the artist has said. 

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