Google loses to Sonos in a $32.5 million patent infringement lawsuit.

Due to Google's infringement of Sonos' patent for smart speakers, the business has been ordered to pay $32.5 million to Sonos. 

A jury in San Francisco concluded that one of the two Sonos patents at issue was violated by Google's. 

Smart speakers and media players on Friday. After the two businesses teamed in 2013, Sonos accused Google of.

Stealing its patented multiroom audio technology, sparking a court dispute that began in 2020. 

After Sonos won its appeal before the US International Trade Commission, several of the in question. 

Google products were subject to a temporary import ban. Additionally.

Google had to remove a few features from its lineup of smart displays and speakers.Google sued Sonos in August of last. 

Year on the grounds that the audio business had violated its patents for smart speakers and voice control. Early this month, the most recent trial began.

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