Giants lose opening game against Nationals 5-1 with Anthony DeSclafani. 

DeSclafani struggled in the first inning before settling down,  

but the damage had already been done because the Giants were unable to beat the Nationals by more than one run.

The San Francisco Giants were defeated 5-1 by the Washington Nationals in their opening game on Monday night. 

While starting the game, Anthony DeSclafani, who has had some impressive recent outings, 

was hesitant on the mound and gave up five runs on seven hits. 

After that, he pitched six strong scoreless innings, but the harm had already been done.

In his last two starts, which the Giants won, DeSclafani gave up just two runs on nine hits while pitching 14.0 innings and striking out nine batters. 

However, on Monday against the Nationals, DeSclafani allowed three straight singles to Lane Thomas, Luis Garca,