Gabrielle Union's family distributes everything 50/50—and the internet.

Gabrielle Union debated finances and marriage on Twitter.

Union told Bloomberg Originals in May that she and her husband, Dwyane Wade, split money equally.

"It's weird to say I'm head of household because in this household, we split everything 50/50," she stated. "

Since having children, Union feels compelled to work.“I have more money responsibilities,” she remarked. “I worry if a movie doesn’t open—will I have enough to hold everyone up?”

The "Truth Be Told" star is a stepmother to Wade's three elder children, Zaire, 21, Zaya, 15, and Xavier, 9, whom he had with two other women.

The "Love & Basketball" star seems happy this time, but the internet had some things to say after learning that she and Wade shared the costs.

"This is sooooo unnecessary," one Twitter user remarked. As an independent working woman, I have no problem with any woman who wants to support herself and pay bills. 

“Women are terrified of 50/50 because the unpaid labor is rarely 50/50, so women end up being exploited. This affects the working class and impoverished. 

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