From smartest to dumbest, the zodiac sign

Everyone wants to be the smartest zodiac sign. However, remember that intellect doesn't fit in one Sheldon Cooper-sized box. Some signals are smarter, while others are more perceptive and empathetic. Discover your zodiac sign's strongest intelligence:


Aquarians are the smartest zodiac signs. Beyond bookish knowledge, they are noted for their analytical skills and ability to see what others miss.


Virgos are perfectionists, but they also have a frustratingly infallible sense of logic and practicality, which, combined with their keen eye for detail, makes them sharp as a tack. 


Scorpios are intense and passionate, but they're also the first people you call to find out whether your ex is dating. An skilled at reading people and seeing through pretenses, nothing gets their cerebral juices flowing faster than a puzzle to solve. 


Not a lovely face! Geminis are known as social butterflies, but they can comprehend complex information quickly. 


They solve difficulties methodically, making them valuable employees. When you need an honest friend, you probably call a Capricorn. 


Aries have street smarts and a razor-sharp wit that they are willing to use liberally on anyone who crosses their short fuse.


Libras are naturally balanced and objective. This inner harmony also helps people make well-considered decisions when faced with daily problems. 

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